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Research Fellow

Marvin Backes

Marvin is currently a Research Fellow at Cologne University. In 2023, he was awarded a three-year research grant by the German Research Council (DFG) for his project ‘Moral Epistemology and Alethic Pluralism: Towards a New Theory of Epistemic Justification for Moral Belief’.

Before coming to Cologne, he held a Wenner-Gren Research Fellowship at Uppsala University. He completed my PhD on the St Andrews/Stirling Philosophy Graduate Programme, where he was a member of the Arché Research Centre.

Visiting Researcher

Christopher Benzenberg

Christopher Benzenberg is a PhD student at the University of Cambridge, where he is completing his thesis on Kant’s theory of reason and epistemology of the mind. He holds a BPhil from the University of Oxford and a BA from the Humboldt University of Berlin. Christopher is currently writing several papers on Kant’s theory of assent, justification, and probability, while also working on Kant’s practical metaphysics, ethics, and metaethics. His interests further include early modern metaphysics and epistemology, with a focus on Spinoza and Meier, and he has also begun work on Hegel. To find out more about Christopher's research, please visit his homepage.