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Welcome to CONCEPT

The Cologne Center for Contemporary Epistemology and the Kantian Tradition (CONCEPT) is sponsored by a generous grant by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and was founded in 2016.

CONCEPT is built on the premise that contemporary epistemology and epistemology in the classical German tradition both benefit from the cross-fertilization of ideas and methods. Contemporary epistemology supplies the conceptual resources that allow us to gain a deeper understanding of issues in Kantian epistemology. And Kantian epistemology, in turn, provides promising suggestions for resolving persistent issues in contemporary epistemology. Thus the goal is to use contemporary concepts and questions to refine historical research in epistemology and to historically contextualize the contemporary discussion in epistemology.

All of the colloquia, workshops and conferences organized by CONCEPT are free and open to the public. For details about our activities click here.