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Dr. Luis Rosa

Assistant Professor (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter)

Research areas

Epistemology/Formal Epistemology

Philosophy of logic

Philosophy of cognitive science/AI


  • Rational doxastic dispositions and the epistemic regress problem. Dialectica, 2017.
  • Inferential Basing and Mental Models, Philosophical Psychology, 2016.
  • Justification and the Uniqueness Thesis Again -- A Response to Anantharaman, Logos & Episteme, 2016.
  • Anti-anti reductionist considerations about the justification of testimonial beliefs. Proceedings of the Brazilian Research Group in Epistemology, 2016. Co-authored with Andre Neiva.
  • In order to be rational you need to know how to reason, Philosophical Inquiries, 2016.
  • On the probability of Theism, A Companion to Naturalism (edited by Juliano do Carmo), 2016.
  • Justification and Cognitive Algorithms, Philosophia, 2014.
  • Justification and the Uniqueness Thesis, Logos & Episteme, 2012.

Upcoming publications

  • Reasoning without regress. Forthcoming in Synthese.