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Brown Bag Meetings WS 20/21


4. November 2020

by Sven Bernecker

11. November 2020

Dependent Reliability: Why and How Conditional Reliability Should be Replace by it
by Thomas Grundmann

18. November 2020

Knowledge and the Brain: Why the Knowledge-Centric Theory of Mind Program Needs Neuroscience  
by Adam Bricker

2. Dezember 2020

A Unified Theory of Risk  
by Jaakko Hirvelä

9. Dezember 2020

At the Threshold of Knowledge
by Rodrigo Borges

16. Dezember 2020

Is Judgment an Act?  
by Matthew McGrath

13. Januar 2021

On the content of higher-order (indexical) beliefs and the possibility of rational mistakes about one's evidence
by Luis Rosa

20. Januar 2021

Epistemic Paternalism Via Conceptual Engineering
by Eve Kitsik

27. Januar 2021

A Relationship-Based Account of Epistemic Blame
by Caermon Boult

10. Februar 2021

Attributor-Centric Epistemology and the Neurocognitive Origins of Knowledge 
by Adam Bricker