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PhD students

Research areas & Publications


Jakob Ohlhorst


Virtue Epistemology




Lisa Benossi

Kant's transcendental philosophy 

Psychology of Reasoning

Cognitive Science



Francesco Praolini

Knowledge-first epistemology

The value of knowledge and other epistemic states

Epistemic normative theory

The lottery and preface paradoxes



Forthcoming. ‘No Justificatory Closure without Truth’, Australasian Journal of Philosophy.

Forthcoming. ‘The Lottery, the Preface, and Epistemic Rule Consequentialism’ (with C. Kelp), in I. Douven (ed.), Lotteries, Knowledge and Rational Belief: Essays on the Lottery Paradox. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


Sofia Bokros


Philosophy of Language

Philosophical Methodology



Giulia Napolitano

Social epistemology

Epistemology of conspiracy theories